lundi 12 octobre 2009

Can I wear that ?

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Each year it is the same, each year we say, i won't wear this Trend, NEVER !!!

I guess 90% of us said that about skinny jeans. Even those of us with a body like Kate Moss felt too fat to wear them. A few years later I don't know one girl who doesn't own a pair.

This year I told myself, I will not wear tight boots. Just by hearing the words, TIGHT BOOTS, I would imagine myself as a prostitute on the streets of Paris.But well..I convinced myself, Brigitte Bardot wore them so why not?! it's all glamour after all... ;)

Harley Davidson - Brigitte Bardot from NOSUCHVIDEOS on Vimeo.

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  1. overknees are like a accessory. so if you wear them try to keep your rest of your outfit sleek.
    then it is not just sexy, it's practical warm for rainy days as well!!!

  2. Hi, thanks for your comments on my blog :) And about the above, I've told myself never say never, and the skinny jeans trend is such a good example, I was like, oh no, will not go there, same with the strong, marked sholders that's sooo right now, I lookead at it, thought, naa, not me, and guess what, here I am, wearing skinny jeans and blazers with marked sholders, it's a funny old world :) xoxo S

  3. The same for me, except for the marked shoulders, i love them from the beginning :)
    What about the Chanel Clogs ? I'm sure we will all wear this kind of shoes.

  4. ahh i could never wear thigh-highs!!!

    thanks for your comments :) the pants in the "nomad" post ARE chloé! it's from an advertisement a couple years back!! and thanks for showing me that baptista collection -- i haven't seen it before. there needs to be ONE website that has photos from EVERY designer's collection. it's such a pain to go to multiple websites just to make sure you didn't miss anything!! haha :)

  5. ah! merci beaucoup!!

  6. lou doillon!!?? that's SUCH a compliment :)
    thank you so very much!!

  7. love this picture! tight boots not with me, that simply does not fit in with my personal definition of aesthetics :)