jeudi 17 septembre 2009

Don't be bored

What to do in Paris when you come back from a long trip in a foreign country ?

Favourite work ever :

Sophie Calle travelled years before to come back in Paris. Once she was back , with no friends, no job, no projekt, she decided to follow people on the street she doesn't know and to photography them.

Filatures à Paris

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mercredi 16 septembre 2009

New books, new artists, new TV show, new looks..the start of the school year is full of new shit. But I fall in love with one band : Get Back Guinozzi

samedi 5 septembre 2009

A body like Edie !

1, 2, 3, black, frilly and striped i will never get enough.

With a jean or a skirt or just with a tight like Edie did in the 60's ? Dare to wear it like her ! I will

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