mardi 21 juillet 2009

le Melt c'est chouette

It could have been an horror trip.

In french people would have say it's raining like a pissing cow ! ( il pleut comme une vache qui pisse ).

Melt closed his door on Friday or well on Saturday at 3am because of the Storm. Everybody had to go back to the tent, wet til the underwear ( because of the rain !!! ).
For my part I had the chance that the tent was still uprighted and slep well even if i almost slep on the wet grass because didn't have this strange Yoga carpet that you put on the floor of the tent.
Yes it could have been an horror trip to Melt. I don't even bother to mention how i felt with my wet curly hair when i woke up.

But thanx God, i had my hair straightener with me ( it may sounds superficial but Melt is also a Fashion festival, you have to look good , just read on the blogs, weeks before, the outfit selection for the Melt : Bikers boots or wellington boots ? :D )

.... and thanx god it stopped raining on Saturday !

We don't need to mention the perfomances of Bloc Party, Phoenix, The whitest Boy Alive and Paul Kalkbrenner, you know them all but shame on you if you don't know Bodi Bill, amazing babys and Le cops mince de Francoise.


2 commentaires:

  1. ohhh Amandine! Let's do our particular Melt and show me the best city-club-tips.... I AM COMING!!!!!!!! (6. August!)

  2. Cool then write me when you 're in Berlin and then party !